know your factories

From start to finish we want Illumio to have a positive impact on the people and resources that bring our products to life. Our end goal? You buy high-quality products less frequently. Those involved in creating your products earn fairly and in good working conditions. Waste and detrimental side effects on the environment are minimal. Everybody wins.

With this goal in mind, we manufacture our products at factories run by MAS Holdings, one of the world’s most recognized design to delivery solution providers for apparel and textile manufacturing.

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Sri Lanka

lives made better

MAS Holdings is not only the largest apparel manufacturer in South Asia, but a company known for its pioneering sustainability and ethical manufacturing. With their focus on health and wellness initiatives and financial planning training, their commitment to gender diversity has ensured a safe and secure work environment for their large female workforce. Knowing that most of their employees are female, MAS also runs a breast cancer (the most common form of cancer for Sri Lankan women) awareness program to educate employees.

products made better

As of 2018, 50% of MAS factories' energy needs are powered by renewable energy. They are on plan to become Zero Waste to Landfill by the end of 2018. They've grown organic gardens in 30 schools with over 500 students in 2018, and restored habitat across 1000 acres of land in the same year.

At Illumio, we embody buying with intention. With partners like MAS, we are proud to extend this motto to our manufacturing as well.